Website design & development, web-shop and web services.

I'm — game & website developer/designer located in Copenhagen. Creating functional and comfortable, gorgeous, and easy websites for awesome people from the whole world.

Shortly about me

Developer & Designer with experience more than 7 years

Enthusiasm for creativity and technology gives me a super ability to implement relevant and brave digital products that add value to the daily lives of users.
Functionality is just as important to me same as aesthetics. It has always been this way: we believe that the search for simplicity and clarity takes time, that a structured approach, combined with a desire for unique and unexpected solutions, will help our clients to more closely unite with their audience, expand it and remain advanced in the rapidly developing digital world.

As partners, in the truest sense of the word, we highly appreciate cooperation with brands that understand the importance of investing in design.
Easy to say, I design and create online stores, promo sites, portals and web services across the entire spectrum of business. I'm design websites and mobile apps. I'm giving birth and growing brands.
What I'm good at

Brand identification.

Brand uniqueness for me is like a fingerprint. I believe that each element of identity, like a DNA chain, must tell a story. This is deeper than most people imagine, and I know that.

Design sites and mobile applications.

I have mastered the art of designing and creating great design, with a particular focus on user interaction. All my projects are adapted for display on modern devices.

Development and development of digital projects.

Combining strategy, design and technology, I develop original and vibrant digital projects. I integrate them with various systems and services in full accordance with the real needs of the client.

Who do I work with

My clients, friends and partners — are not only large corporations, but also representatives of small and medium business.